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Drive trains and controll the entire rail traffic with a sophisticated signaling system.
Build train consists from steam, diesel and electric locomotives, passenger and freight cars.
And even more functions of Railroad X will inspire you!

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New assets

Grain storage

The core of this model sets is the replica of a grain warehouse, including grain silos. Due to the presence of double-sided loading ramps, the warehouse is suitable for both rail and road connections, the use is available from Era III / IV to the present day. For further refinement, grain silos as a separate model and a flat storage building consisting of concrete segments included.

Crane bridges with coal crane

Cranes of this type for loading of bulk were available in different variants. Most sites were large ports and depots. But loading stations in a factory premises belonged to the field of activity. The crane shown here was built in the most famous construction of this time. The mobile bridge was in a lattice - created steel construction. The crane itself is equipped with a coal shovel.

Diesel locomotives of the series V180.1, epoch III

The first major diesel locomotive of the Reichsbahn of the GDR was, for the traction change in the GDR, developed in the early 1960s. The first production aircraft were fitted with two each 900PS powerful engines. In 1966 came with the V180 V180 103 and 104, the first locomotives with two 1,000 hp engines. Initially, the new engines did have problems, but after the elimination of the error, the locomotives, proven in many operations both freight and passenger trains.


A free-lance “Ready to Run”- layout for the passionate model railroad operator


Welcome to my personal American Dream, the fancy named “Red Rocks” Canyon and the nearby situated railroad junction where a mainline of a North-South operating railroad company crosses the tracks of an east-westbound line and a part of the legendary “Route 66” highway.
Red Rock could be a little town, situated in a wider part of Red Rock Canyon, where the Red Rock Creek (in my phantasy one of the numerous tributaries of Colorado River) cut its way through the eponymous red colored stone.
Although the situation is free-lance, the layout gives a spectacular impression to similar real situations in the Utah/Arizona region of the United States where after a hot and sunny day the red walls of the canyons begin to glow during sundown (attention to achieve that glowing please adjust your toolbox values: color shade 5; color saturation 1.28; brightness 1.23; contrast 1).

The layout runs in my favorite period, the “transition era” between 1955 and 1960, in the last days of remaining steam traction, but due to the lack of adequate contemporary rolling stock, buildings and other material you will find of course also materials from other periods and from other regions on this layout. As EEP plans to publish new US-material you soon may replace some elder rolling stock and buildings by a more detailed stuff.
Due to the restricted copyright regulations in the US-market unfortunately all famous road names had to be omitted from the rolling stock and be replaced by phantasy-names. On the other hand may this be an advantage to those free-lancers among us who use the whole material in a more generic manner.

Automatic mode

After reading this introduction and confirming by “OK” you will see the starting monitor with an “ON/OFF” throttle (above) for the automatic (which is already switched “ON”) and a “starting throttle” (below) which starts your first train as soon as you will click on it with Shift+ Mouse. During this automatic traffic which lasts about 1 hour you make the acquaintance of the whole layout by remote controlled cameras. When the last train is disappeared the camera switches back to the starting monitor. If you like you can repeat the whole procedure by clicking again on the “starting throttle” with Shift+ Mouse.

Manual mode

When the last train has disappeared and the camera switched back to the starting monitor you can also change to the manual mode by clicking with Shift+ Mouse on the “ON/OFF” throttle to switch “OFF” the automatic (Attention: First you should back up the actual program and rename the copy).
This feature allows you to run all your trains manually and turn all switches, the turntable, signals etc. The street and air traffic remain automatically as well as the interlocking devices at railroad crossings and street junctions so that you can focus on your tasks when splitting and reassembling the trains.


The 2 railroad lines (South-North and East-West) are linked together at the station “Red Rock Junction” by an interchange track where cars from one line can be exchanged to the other line. Both lines are highly run by thru traffic: Heavy trains with coal from Oklahoma and the Appalachian region are pulled to the Pacific coast for shipping their load to overseas. Until the end of a nearby beginning steep incline, the pulling diesel-engines are still often supported or entirely pulled by the last steam-dinosaurs, the famous “Big Boys” which experience their final days on this line. As the empty running trains in the opposite direction do not need so many powers, from time to time a package of steam and/or diesel engines is coupled together and runs light back.
Also some long distance-passenger trains still remained on the line, which are equipped with “Talgo” car-material (on the layout the material is freelance shaped and colored, in reality you can travel Talgo- trains on Amtrak’s North-East- Corridor Line).
On the other line you will see long tank car trains coming from the Mexican Gulf providing the industries in the North with gas and oil.
You will find several marshalling yards and areas on the layout: The first one starts as fully shaped half of the local “Red Rocks Central Yard”. It continues –by virtual connection- after passing the Interstate- bridge at the very right (east) end of the layout in a “hidden” sand colored part for local operation and in a red colored part for the long distance east-westbound trains and the interchange trains between the east-westbound line and the south-northbound line. These parts are located on the upper right side of the layout behind the North Rim of the canyon. For the south-northbound long distance trains and for interchange service there is a second “hidden” staging yard located on the upper left (west) side of the layout. Please consider that in the “hidden” yards the tracks in the grey zones are the automated tracks. Here you should only start and stop trains even in the manual mode. For switching, re railing, changing whole trains or bringing new material on the tracks please use only the tracks in the red (east-westbound line) and orange (south-northbound line) colored areas.

Of course also the local industries in Red Rocks have to be supplied from time to time. From the right (east) end of the layout to the left (west) end these are:

• Coal for the power plant.
• Grain for the local region and as intermediate grain elevator on its way to the west coast –towns.
• Oil and plastic pellets for different end-products of a chemical plant, connected with:
• A household- and kitchen-aid factory.
• A metal manufacturer of machinery parts.
• An Army goods depot for different things needed for the barracks and bases in the region is situated directly behind the big roundhouse and can only be reached via Red Rocks Main Street.
• A team track for heavy loads as well as for direct transshipping is located near the railroad crossing of Red Rocks-Station Road.
• And of course fresh supply for the diesel tank and coal bunker at Red Rocks Jct. Roundhouse.

Come see and listen to the whistles of the steam engines and the horns of the roaring heavy diesels. Look for Rolf’s spectacular “illegal” air show and enjoy the multitude of exciting tasks for a successful operating session!

Jörg Windberg

The author may say thanks to all constructors who contributed some of their models, ideas and advice to allow the realization of this layout: Hans-Jürgen Barth, Andreas Engfer, Andreas Großkopf, Bernt Hoppe, Stefan Hoppe, Dirk Kanus, Stefan Köhler-Sauerstein, Steffen Mauder, Volkhard Ramsenthaler, Ariel del Rio, and last not least Thorsten Lensing and Trend publishing for Manfred Roths models and the heritage of Stefan Bock (t).

Railroad X features

- Detailed rolling stock
- Different track systems
- Road, sea and air transport
- Sophisticated signal control
- Timetable Edition
- Multi-train
- Internal program moviemaking
- Animated figures and animals
- Controllable train windows
- Accurate Landscaping
- 3D view


With railway X you build complex railway worlds on your PC or notebook. In the Expert version, it is possible to control trains as a train driver for the first time. Of course they can control the entire rail traffic also has a sophisticated alarm system. Make trains from steam, diesel and electric locomotives, passenger and freight cars. The other exclusive function of the Expert version can inspire. Through local control desk you always keep track. With the switchable 3D mode as well as the accompanying 3D glasses, you can even experience their conditioning on request in three dimensions. And with your normal PC screen.

User Interface

Railroad X offers the beautifully designed user-friendly interface that puts many functions intuitively in scene. The new 2D plan transforms the layout top view in an artful yet clear drawing like the experienced model railroaders know it from trade magazines. For the first time in EEP is now clear, how the detailed routes system of railways, roads, air and waterways is located and where to find which object.

Kinematic animated characters

For some time, there are animated animals such as horses and cows, but also birds and fish in EEP. With railway X man now finds its way into the EEP world. This is done through the use possibility of moving masses of people into the layout. The so-called Omega populate city centers and platforms. You can teach them to climb trains or to form groups.

Controllable cab views

Also with regard to the control of trains Railway X breaks new ground by one to actively drive locomotives and railcars now. For this one goes as in a driving simulator in the "cockpit" of the locomotive, and takes the place of the train driver. He has now all the relevant controls in front of him, which can be selected via the mouse and placed on the movement of the mouse in the desired position.

Variety of materials and highest authenticity

EEP has always been convinced by its immense variety of materials. The model railroaders are steam diesel or electric locomotives and railroad cars from all eras available, as well as the structures and landscape elements required for building a layout. In addition to highly detailed models, day-night cycle, dynamic weather with sun, clouds, rain and snow provide realism, whether on an idyllic branch line, on a shunting yard or in urban environment.

Railroad X features:

   -  Detailed rolling stock 
   -  Different track systems 
   -  Road,  sea and air transport 
   -  Sophisticated signal control 
   -  Timetable editing
   -  Multi-train control
   -  Internal program moviemaking 
   -  Animated figures and animals 
   -  Controllable train cab views
   -  Accurate Landscaping 
   -  3D  view